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What many people are looking for is information about home bathrooms remodeling without a sales pitch. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place! Our goal is to provide you with the ever-changing world of bathroom remodel, whether it is about a new technology or a new design. We invite you to browse our website and discover how you can make your bathrooms more visually appealing and functional.


Whether you are buying a new home or doing some major remodeling to your current home, keeping up with the latest bathroom remodel trends, knowing what other people are doing to keep up with technology and style can be put to good practical use. This is especially true when it comes to being environmentally friendly and maximizing the use of space in your bathrooms.

Smart Storage – Depending on how and who uses your bathrooms, you will almost always find space is a premium in a bathroom. Everything from hair dryers to toothbrushes needs a place, and the current trend is to think up. Many older bathrooms have high ceilings, which can be used for additional storage for those extras that are used only once in a while – towels, facecloths, and personal hygiene extras. You can think of smart storage as “high” storage.

Use advances in technology to make things easier to use – Everything does not have to be about design to be trendy. There are a number of shower and faucet types that not only save water, but have a single knob to adjust water temperature and flow. Saving water is a significant issue in many areas due to drought conditions or the rising cost of water. Look for technology that has fewer parts or moving parts, because the fewer the number of parts, the fewer things will require repair or maintenance.

Installing music – This trend is not only about music, but about having access to news as your get ready for your work day. Though many people do not spend hours in the bathrooms, the time spent there is often during the busiest times – getting ready for work, showering after work to get ready for an after school event or meeting friends. Music is a known stress reducer, and installing Bluetooth or wireless speakers into the wall or ceiling adds a new dimension to the bathrooms.


How are ideas different from trends? We know that not everyone wants to be a trend setter, but there are many useful bathroom remodel ideas that can be used in virtually any home.

Rethink your countertop – This idea will ask you to reconsider how your bathroom sink is used. Can you live with a smaller sink? This may be true if you don’t use it a lot or have very limited use for it. But think carefully because the sink-countertop decision will likely be one you will have to live with once it is done. A smaller sink will give you more countertop space, which means you can have the items you use the most more easily accessible.

Mirrors – It is a well-known fact that the combination of mirrors and lighting will make living spaces look larger. The same applies to your remodeling project. You may not want wall-to-wall mirrors, but the appearance of small bathrooms will be enhanced by the right selection of mirrors. Perhaps the best part of this simple idea is using this makeover will not cost you much.

Go tubless – This is a debatable idea because many homeowners make the case that a tub is necessary if you have, or are planning to have, children. No tub means that families will likely be much less likely to consider buying your home. But if selling your home is not an issue, replacing the tub with a curbless shower area and shower doors will simplify your cleaning and give your bathroom a cleaner look.


Bathroom remodel design is one of those things that has more to do with how big your bathroom is rather than being able to getting the design that you want. You can choose to knock out a wall or two to see your dream bathrooms become a reality, but that will add to the remodeling cost significantly. (We will talk about the cost factor next.)

Mediterranean styles

This is also a trendy thought, and it was inevitable that the plain white bathroom would give way to more European and Old World designs. Mosaic tile in the shower or on select parts of the bathroom wall will give your bathroom a new look from Spain or Italy.

3D bathroom tiles

Though some people are of the opinion that using 3 dimensional tiles makes your bathrooms look like a hotel, the right choice of tile combined with keeping parts of your bathroom with a retro style design creates a unique and practical look. This is really a design choice for those who have an artistic and aesthetic flair.

Unique showers

There are a number of shower designs that can turn your old bathrooms into a modern visual masterpiece. Of course, most of the shower designs require you to get rid of your tub or have a separate space for a shower in your bathroom. You need to stop and consider how much of your bathroom’s space is taken up by the shower – or can be used for a new shower. The more space you have, the more you can do with this design idea.


We decided to save the cost for last because we want you to become inspired before worrying about the money issue. You should not think that every remodeling job will require a second mortgage, while at the same time you should realize that being among the first to include a new technology will initially cost you more.

Evaluate your cost of remodeling over the long term. Advances in technology can cost you a bit more, but the return on the investment will be much greater over the long haul. Water saving devices and simplifying designs can reduce your cleaning, repair, and maintenance costs for many years.

Remodeling in stages is a way to get started on the basics and add ideas and trends later. This requires careful planning since you know what you have to spend now but are likely to be uncertain about the availability of cash for bathroom renovation in the future. The general plan is to take care of the jobs that require floors and walls to be replaced or redesigned. Adding a new model sink faucet can add to the design of the bathroom, but can be done anytime without tearing anything else up.

One of the most important cost decisions you will make for both the short and long term is the quality of materials you decide to install. For heavy traffic and use areas such as floor tile and water fixtures, you need to be willing to spend more to avoid future repair and replacement costs. A simple, lower cost mirror will do the same job as a more elegantly designed higher priced mirror, and after a few weeks you probably will not be able to tell the difference anyway.

Finally, you will have to choose between a do-it-yourself remodeling job or hiring a contractor. The best warning we can give is that if you do not have sufficient experience with home remodeling, starting the job and having to hire a contractor later will cost you a lot more money. Our advice is to let the professionals come in and do the job, especially if you are doing large scale, serious bathroom remodel. The reason is simple: if water gets out of control due to a leak, it will find its way everywhere throughout your home.